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Gallery - Ford

FG Ford XR6 Turbo, tail pipe seen from behind
FG XR6 Turbo
FG XR6 Turbo 3 1/2inch turbo pipe, seen from below
FG 3 1/2" Turbo Pipe
FG XR6 Turbo 3 1/2inch catalytic converter
FG 3 1/2" Cat Converter
FG XR6 Turbo pipes over the axle
FG 3" Over Axle
FG XR6 Turbo, muffler and tip, seen from below and behind
FG XR6 3" Rear
XY GT Falcon, sitting on the lift
XY GT Falcon
XY GT 2 1/2inch twin inter-pipes
XY GT 2 1/2" Interpipes
XY GET 2 1/2 inch mufflers and tail pipe
XY GT 2 1/2" Twin
XY GET 2 1/2 tail pipe, seen from behind
XY GT 2 1/2" Tailpipe
VT V8 twin system
VT V8 Headers