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Gallery - Classics

32 Ford with new pipes
32 Ford Eng Pipes
32 Ford with new 2 1/2 inch system
32 Ford 2 1/2" Twin
Tail pipes on the 32 Ford
32 Ford Tailpipes
55 Chev with the bonnet up
55 Chev
55 Chev engine bay, with new extractors
55 Chev Engine Bay
Shelby Tiger on the race track, with thank you note
Shelby Tiger
Shelby Tiger, extractors seen from underneath
Shelby Tiger V8 Headers
Shelby Tiger, 2 inch tail pipes, with mufflers
Shelby Tiger 2" Tailpipes
Shelby 2inch stainless steel tailpipes, seen from behind
Shelby 2" S/Steel Twin
Triumph TR7 sitting on the lift
Triumph TR7
Triumph TR7, Mandrel Bent exhausts, seen from below
Mandrel Bent
Triumph TR7, 2 1/2inch Sport Bent exhausts, seen from below
2 1/2" Sports Bent